【4k】2020新年二天,中山東二路 Zhongshan East Second Road\上海\Shanghai

首播開始於 65分鐘之前

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This is the second night of 2020. From Shiliupu to Waibaidu Bridge, walk along Zhongshan East Second Road.

The road was formerly known as the French Bund. Before Shanghai opened its port, this was the road along the river north of Xiaodongmen, which was part of the Huangpu Beach along the river. Built in 1856, it was originally named Huangputan Road, and later changed its name to Fawaitan Road and South Huangputan Road.

In 1908 trams were opened on the Bund in France. During the Anti-Japanese War, the French Concession was “retracted” by the Wang Puppet Regime and renamed South Huangpu Beach Road. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, it was renamed Zhongshan East Second Road. The buildings on Zhongshan East Road have been preserved for more than 100 years, and now the 「World Building Group」 has entered 2020!