Production exceeds 3,000 units per week\Tesla gigafactory 3 in shanghai特斯拉上海超級工廠\【2.7K】

首播開始於 4小時之前

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Recently, Chinese media began to report that Tesla’s Shanghai plant has produced more than 3,000 MODEL3 per week, and the previous Tesla plan has finally been realized. In the near future, Tesla China’s official website released information on the price reduction of MODEL 3 made in China and will be delivered to customer service on January 7. In winter in Shanghai, it is either a hazy day or a non-stop rain. Today it is finally fine. Hurry and go to the Tesla factory in Lingang to take advantage of the good weather. Before I came, some netizens told me that, in addition to the Tesla factory in Zhengjia Road, a workshop was set up in Shanghai Nangang Wharf, which is about 10 kilometers away from the Tesla factory (he told me that it might be a power plant). Car shipping terminal. In the future, Tesla may also transport by sea to China’s coastal cities. There is no official report of Tesla building a workshop in Shanghai’s Nangang. I was at Nangang Wharf and saw the trolleys transporting MODEL3 in and out. They shuttled back and forth between the factory and Nangang. I tried to find the location of the Nangang workshop using a drone, but I didn’t find it. To be sure, in order to increase the production capacity, the original production line could no longer meet the production needs, and it was also necessary to build an assembly workshop in Nangang. When I uploaded the video to YouTube, it was already in the early morning of January 7, 2020. At dawn today, Tesla will hold a Model 3 delivery ceremony to start the Model Y project. This is also the year when Tesla opened a factory. Time, I wish you all the best for tomorrow’s ceremony!!!