Live: Urban art season in Shanghai 上海城市空間藝術季點亮蘇州河畔


This year’s Shanghai Urban Art Season (SUSAS) 2019 is a showcase of urban art. Located on the shore of Suzhou Creek, the M50 Creative Park is one of the earliest artistic sites with an industrial history in Shanghai. It offers an integrated picture of historical landscape and urban vitality, nicely fitting in the theme “how waterfronts bring wonderful life to people” of SUSAS 2019. Join CGTN to find out more.

After the successes in 2015 and 2017, SUSAS 2019 continues to discuss topics related to urban spaces based on the current urban renewal in Shanghai. This year’s theme is “Encounter,” which is composed of three concepts: a century of industry and people, art born from the rivers and a network linking the world. In a period of two months, thematic exhibitions, site projects and various public activities, in collaboration with “Millions of Citizens Observe Shanghai” and other tourist-cultural programs show the world how Shanghai has connected, enhanced the city’s myriad of waterfront spaces and what more is to expect.